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The Westworld TV show is another popular American TV drama. The storyline of this science fiction thriller is same as the 1973’s movie Westworld which Michael Crichton directed.

For the book lovers, this American novelist needs no introduction. You know how engrossing his books are, and so was the movie.

With the first season, able to create a wide fan base for the series, let’s see where to watch the previous Westworld episodes. The second season is going live in 2018, so revive the memory and get ready for new episodes.

Watch Westworld in Australia

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Where to watch Westworld online?

The broadcasting rights of Westworld rest with HBO, the American TV service provider. Yes, the same HBO which has popular shows like Game of Thrones and The Wire.

The Westworld is set in an amusement park occupied by androids, quite intelligent androids to keep you bound to your seats. Quite a lot happened in the Wild West Park and to watch Westworld online log into your HBO Now account.

HBO Now is the online video-on-demand service from HBO. It has a huge catalogue of TV shows and movies, some originals, while others produced by its partner companies.

You can re-watch or catch up any of the previous episodes you have missed and all this for a subscription fee of about USD15 per month.

With that fee, you will get its services on your PC or Android and iOS devices, as required. There also is the free HBO Go, available only for the cable TV subscribers in America.

If you ever move out to the US, you can enjoy HBO contents online for free as you already pay for the channel. But for now, let’s focus on HBO Now.

Watch Westworld with Amazon Prime

If you already are a Prime customer, I mean Amazon Prime, you can get HBO without much fuss. If you don’t have the account yet, sign up for its 30-day free trial. Once you have the Amazon Prime account ready, you can pay and subscribe to HBO content at USD15 a month.

Westworld with Amazon PrimeWith Amazon Prime, you get lots of other channels and standalone content available for subscription. You just have to pay them and not maintain a separate registration for each.

After you have paid for HBO subscription, you can now watch the available on-demand movies and TV shows on all the devices supported by Prime. And the list is quite long. There is a range of portable devices, gaming consoles, smart TVs and also Amazon’s own Fire TV stick.

How to watch HBO online in Australia?

While all this HBO thing sounds amazing, there’s a catch. HBO won’t allow users outside of the US (and its HBO online in Australiaterritories) to access the amazing content it offers.

It employs a technology which geo-restricts the service to American IP addresses. HBO Now, like many other streaming services, determines your location by seeing your IP address when you request access to its server.

So what if you are in Australia, you can still watch Westworld with the best VPN for Australia. Virtual Private Network or VPN, in short, masks your real IP address and gives the device an address of the country you want.

Once you buy the service from a VPN provider like IPVanish VPN, you will be able to connect their servers in the US. After that, their encryption system hides the data passing through it behind a cypher.

When you request the servers of HBO in Australia, they will see a US IP address. The encrypted data ensures that no one can decipher what you are browsing. This gives you privacy while online.

Watch HBO with Smart DNS

You can also access HBO with SmartDNS proxies like Unlocator. They re-route your location-related data through a foreign server, for example, in the US. As the entire traffic isn’t redirected, this is a faster way than VPNs to get geo-blocked services. But they don’t encrypt the network.

HBO with Smart DNS

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So, if privacy isn’t your concern, you can learn more about Smart DNS with our articles and also read our Unlocator review here.

Register with HBO Now

As mentioned above, you need USD15 to watch HBO now. The registration process and payment is quite easy but getting its app isn’t. Like its content, the app also is available only in the US. Although you can download the android app by connecting to a VPN, it’s not so simple for those with iOS devices.

You will need a US Apple account. If you already don’t have one, you can create it with the iTunes app on a PC. After you have got your Apple ID activated, sign into the app store with this, and you can then download the app.

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can skip this registration process and just subscribe to HBO there.

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