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Not sure if you know or not, but the US Netflix is a lot different than what you get here in Australia. While the Netflix Australia has some 4000 titles available, Netflix US boasts of a collection of more than 5000 titles.

US Netflix 2018The American Netflix has the largest number of TV shows available, and it’s normal for everyone to want access to it. Even the UK version lags behind.

In this post we show you how to get American Netflix in Australia, but first, what do we miss here?

What’s on the US Netflix 2018?

Well, Netflix isn’t at fault for this discrimination. It is because of the licensing of the content. The makers decide where to show their shows and where not.

Being said that, while you can watch Altered Carbon, the sci-fi Better Call Saulthriller, you don’t get to watch the new season of Better Call Saul.

You will get Queer Eye, The Ritual and also My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, a talk show by David Letterman.

But the list of what Netflix Australia won’t get is long. You won’t get the first season of Imposters and Valor, as of now. Then there is People You May Know, The Bachelors, Evan Almighty, Bates Motel, The Emoji Movie and the list goes on.

The US audience is getting quite a lot compared to what you will get but not to worry, you can get the American Netflix right from home.

By the way, they don’t get to watch the content exclusive to Netflix Australia, if it comforts you a bit.

Get US Netflix in Australia

How Netflix restricts content to specific countries? This system Netflix geo-blockingis known as geo-blocking, and to implement the restriction, IP addresses play a significant role. Every device connected to the Internet has an IP address which identifies the device.

When you visit a website, your device requests for the file you require and with that request, IP address also, is sent.

So, that the servers can send you the content you want. Every ISP has a set of IP addresses, and your address tells who your service provider is, and your location.

If the residents of Australia are not allowed access, the server will return an error. But there is a workaround, and it’s quite easy – use a VPN.

VPNs encrypt your network and can relocate you to the US (not literally). What they do is hide your IP address and tunnel all your network data through their servers.

So, when you connect to a server in the US, your device gets a US IP address, and you are free to explore the content available only in the US. You can get the UK’s Netflix if you connect to a server in the UK. It’s that easy.

Netflix and VPNs

Using VPN to watch restricted content isn’t a new trend, and Netflix doesn’t encourage it. It violates the licensing terms, after all.

And thus, Netflix now blocks any VPN and your access to what you want. If you too face the problem of Netflix VPN not working, it’s time to change your VPN service provider.

With ExpressVPN, Netflix streaming is peaceful like never before. While Netflix changes the rules of its checks, ExpressVPN is trying to keep up, updating its system with each change in the Netflix’s systems.

ExpressVPN and NetflixAlso, ExpressVPN has many servers in the US, and you can switch to another if one of them gets blocked. That’s not a lot of trouble.

They do take a premium price for their price but are very reliable when you want to watch Netflix with VPN.

Apart from that, the servers of ExpressVPN provide good transfer speed and have one of the best encryption systems and security protocols.

Netflix won’t block your account if you use VPN, but with your VPN service banned you won’t get access to Netflix America anytime soon. So, better to choose the one which works most of the time (if not every time).

Registering an account with Netflix

To watch the shows on Netflix America, log in with your existing Netflix accountAustralian account. You don’t need a separate one.

Don’t feel overwhelmed with the vastness of that world. If you happen not to have an account yet, Netflix offers the first 30 days for free.

You don’t need to provide a lot of details for registration. Give your necessary personal information, give them a payment method, and you are ready.

You can enjoy its content on your mobile, PC and a lot of streaming devices. Even Smart TVs and popular set-top boxes are supported.

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