How to Get YouTube TV in Australia

Although it is highly unlikely, in case you didn’t know already, YouTube is the biggest video sharing website on the internet.

It has at least 1 Billion users every single month and 3.25 Billion hours’ worth of videos are watched monthly.
Its content includes everything from vines, cute cat videos, official and user-made music videos and anything else you can imagine.

youtube tv

If something big, interesting or strange has happened somewhere in the world, it’s a pretty safe bet that you can find it on YouTube with relative ease.

What is YouTube TV?

Most of the streaming services these days either have some sort of requirement that you need to buy a device or a Smart TV, DVR or a subscription to watch their shows.

youtube tv shows

YouTube, however, is targeting the younger audience. Younger people do not have time to sit around at home in front of a TV or a computer screen. They want a service that doesn’t have too many other requirements and can easily be viewed on the go from your mobile phone, iPad or any other device with relative ease.

They also have other services such as YouTube Red which is a subscription based service that removes all advertisements from YouTube videos and allows you to browse in peace.

What are YouTube TV shows?

First of all, let’s get this out of the way, YouTube TV is only available in the US for now. It has support for more than 40 networks at the moment, some of which are Fox (not to be confused with Aussie Foxtel), FX, NBC, CBS, etc.

It is estimated that very soon it will be in direct completion with other similar services such as Sling TV.
There are also YouTube TV shows that are specially produced by YouTube and host some popular YouTubers. And these Youtubetv shows will be available on the YouTube TV app for everyone.

How to access YouTube TV?

Through a VPN service provider. How to access YouTube TV

A VPN service will act as a go-between between you and the internet. It will connect your computer to their network, and all of your data will be rerouted from a server from this network.

By doing so, they can encrypt all of your information and protect your identity while they’re at it.

Websites use your device’s IP address to pinpoint your actual location, and depending on the results they either restrict some content or allow you to access it.

If you want to watch something from the US like YouTube TV, then you simply need to connect to a server in the US and it will redirect all of the data to your computer.

Some of the best VPNs include ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

• Both have extremely fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth, which is suitable for streaming.
• Great customer support
• Support for all major platforms including Windows, Android, and iOS among others.
• Comes with many other smaller extensions for your browser and little apps like kill switches that make your experience better.
• Massive networks with servers located all over the world.

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