How to Watch Wentworth in Australia

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Wentworth is an Australian TV series which first aired in 2013. While some compare it to the American prison drama Orange is the New Black, Wentworth showcases the reality better.

It also is considered the revamped, modern version of Prisoner, another Australian show which aired in the 80s. And Wentworth has been a commercial success.

Wentworth in Australia

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With the sixth season starting in the next few weeks, read this article to know how to watch series Wentworth online from anywhere.

Watch Wentworth online

Set in modern-day Australia, the story hovers around Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack). She enters the prison with the charges of attempted murder of her husband.

The court orders her to be on remand in the Wentworth Prison. Separated from her daughter, Bea awaits her sentence living in Wentworth.

Wentworth Prison in FOXTELShe learns (had to learn) the way of life in prison and makes her way to the top of the hierarchy. If you are waiting for Wentworth, watch series on Showcase once it goes live in the coming days.

After Bea is off from the show, which happened at the end of Season 4, Wentworth is now focused on the daily prison life.

The other prominent people in the Wentworth cast are Nicole da Silva, Kate Atkinson, Celia Ireland and Robbie J. Magasiva among others.

And if you want to start it from there and revive your Wentworth memories, watch Wentworth Season 5 online with Foxtel Now.

Watch Wentworth on Foxtel Now

The first season of Wentworth aired on Soho. But from the fifth season onwards, Wentworth shifted to Showcase, and you can watch Showcase on Foxtel Now. It is the online streaming service from the cable network Foxtel.

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It streams the content available on TV over the Internet and is available on many devices. All you need is your favourite streaming device connected to the Internet and start watching live TV or shows on-demand.

Foxtel Now offers 50+ channels distributed across different packages and is a host of hundreds of on-demand content.

You can choose a package, drop it and choose another one or just add another pack alongside and enjoy your favourite TV shows anywhere.

There are no lock-in contracts and the service is available for free for the first two weeks. After the trial period ends, you will have to pay the charge for the packs you chose.

Foxtel Now is available on PC or Mac via your internet browser, or you download the Foxtel Now app on a supported device.

You can download it on Android and iOS devices and also stream Foxtel with Chromecast, PlayStation, Telstra TV and AirPlay. They even have their streaming device, the Foxtel Now box.

Apart from the TV channels and a range of VoD content, Foxtel also has the popular titles of HBO available on-demand.

Thus, you can watch Game of Thrones and Westworld live, or whenever you want. Foxtel also owns the rights of some BBC titles like Sherlock and Dr Who among others. Yes, the episodes are available to watch at your comfort.

But before you start streaming Foxtel, how does the thought of a private streaming experience sound?

Foxtel and the top VPN service

When you connect to a VPN service, it routes and encrypts all data transfer between you and its server. With the encryption in place, no one can see what you’re browsing or streaming. One such service with strong encryption is ExpressVPN.

One of the problems with VPN services is reduced network FOXTEL and VPNspeed, but ExpressVPN doesn’t affect the transfer rate a lot.

You connect to a server and browse the internet with its IP address and not your own, along with encrypted transfer.

Moreover, VPN isn’t only about privacy, it also helps in accessing geo-blocked services, and why do you care? Services of Foxtel Now are restricted to viewing within Australia only.

If you are on holiday abroad, you won’t be able to watch Wentworth from outside Australia without VPN.

When you are outside Australia, you can connect to an Australian VPN server, get an IP address of Australia and watch episodes of Wentworth wherever you are.

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Yes, that’s the trick. Easy, isn’t it? Geo-restriction works with the help of IP address and with an Australian IP address, you are good to go.

Another VPN service to consider is NordVPN. It also has servers in Australia and can unlock Wentworth from abroad.

And a VPN works the other way too. You can connect to a server in another country and get the streaming services which are blocked in Australia.