How to Get HBO in Australia and Watch Game of Thrones

HBO, the backbone of late night entertainment, when you’re too tired to look for something you like, so you just start watching whatever is on HBO because you know it’s going to be good.

In the last few years HBO has made some of the most popular series that have broken all previous record, Yes, I am talking about Game of Thrones.

Watch Game of Thrones in HBO

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Adapted from George R.R. Martin’s best-selling book series “A Song of Ice and Fire,” GoT is the new standard of modern TV shows. Without even realizing it I have now started to compare every TV show with GoT.

So far, only Westworld TV series has come anywhere close, and that’s including my wholehearted hate for all things psychological.

Whether or not you are a fan of HBO itself, you have to admit that their standard has reached new heights. I am expecting a lot in the future from HBO as GoT comes to an end.

Yes, Game of Thrones is on its last season, but it has been divided into two parts, once airing in 2017, and other in 2018 if I am not wrong.

In either case, GoT fans are going crazy with the new details and teasers HBO releases now and then.

What is HBO Go?

HBO on the Go or HBO Go is a streaming service which is free for all those that subscribe through a TV provider. It has all the content that is usually aired on HBO and includes instant access to all of HBO’s content.

Unfortunately, HBO Australia is but a dream at this point since there is no official support for it.

HBO Go Australia

HBO Now, what is it?

HBO go you to subscribe to their services through a TV provider, meaning if you don’t have a cable connection then it is not happening. For such occasions, there is HBO Now.

This is a standalone streaming service that brings the entire HBO library as well as original shows and hit movies to your mobile device. The HBO subscription costs $15 a month.

How to watch HBO in Australia? HBO now Australia

Depending on which service you want to go for, HBO GO or Now, there are different methods required for each of them.

Let’s start with HBO Go because it is much simpler much like getting American Netflix in Australia is.

To watch HBO online, you will need to subscribe to either a proxy or a fast VPN service.

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How to setup a VPN?

This is extremely simple, and although varies slightly depending on your VPN provider, the steps are the same.

Previously there used to be lengthy procedures, but now VPN’s have made it much simpler.

1. Subscribe to your VPN of choice. Free VPN’s are not recommended as they are not safe, the best Australian HBO in ExpressvpnVPN is ExpressVPN.
2. Download its client
3. Open and install it. It’s best if you don’t mess with any of the settings.
4. Start the client and click on “connect.”
5. Some clients will give you the option to choose the location of the server you want to connect before you do, and some will ask for it later. Whenever the prompt comes up, select any server inside the US, and you’re good to go. Now you simply need to subscribe to HBO, and you’re good to go.

Since there has been no mention of HBO now coming to Australia, we will have to use another method for that as well.

You will need an Apple product for this, iPhone, iPad, iPod, anything will do, as long it is capable of running iTunes. HBO has partnered with Apple to bring its HBO Now services to the masses, meaning if you want to get HBO streaming on your device, this is the best method at the moment.

1. Log out of your existing iTunes account hbo in iOS
2. Change your country by selecting the small flag at the bottom of the screen
3. Then select the United States, and you will see the US library.
4. Select any FREE app (only free apps as paid will render this method useless unless you have a US based credit card), and then download it.
5. It will ask you to log in, instead make a new account and fill in the credentials normally
6. In the next step, it will ask you to provide a valid payment method, click on the right-most option “None.” If you had selected a paid app, this option wouldn’t have appeared.
7. Add a valid address as well; the best option will be to enter a hotel address.
8. Verify your email address, and you will be the proud owner of a US iTunes account.

If you want to buy any paid apps then simply purchase a US iTunes card from e-bay or any similar site.

Now you will need to activate your selected proxy like Unlocator or VPN service and connect to a US smart DNS server/VPN server.

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Now open the HBO now an app, sign-in and start enjoying their services. I’d personally watch game of thrones until the most recent season, to get started.