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The Grand Tour has come up with its second season, and it has already aired the first episode on December 8. It is a British television series focused on cars.

Grand Tour British television series

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Sounds familiar? Well, after the departure of Top Gear, the crew members Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have come up with this new series.

The first season on Amazon Prime received quite a lot of positive reviews, and there are similar expectations with the second. So, let’s see how to watch Grand Tour season 2.

Watch Grand Tour online

After the sad demise of the BBC’s Top Gear, the comedy trio have partnered with Andy Wilman to re-create that magic. The initial agreement is of 36 episodes spread over three years (or seasons).

Twelve episodes aired in the first season and it’s speculated that same number of episodes will be there in the current season, one episode each Friday.

Grand Tour on Amazon PrimeSo, do you need Amazon Prime to watch the Grand Tour? Or is the Grand Tour available on Netflix? Let’s find out!

The Grand Tour is an Amazon original series. And it is exclusive to Amazon Prime Video. There aren’t any talks about selling the rights to other streaming services like Netflix. That means the fans of Top Gear now have to pay for a $79 Amazon Prime subscription.

With this amount, you get its services for a complete year. This price includes access to all the movies and TV shows available on the Prime Video. You also get access to unlimited music streaming available with Prime Music.

And for the shopping enthusiasts, there is a 30-minute early access to the lightning deals. And not to forget the unlimited one-day delivery option on the products available in the store.

But if all this doesn’t seem interesting, you can go for the cheaper Prime Video only subscription at $5.99 a month. With this, you only will get the video-on-demand service needed to watch Grand Tour.

This also comes at $72 for 12 months. Doesn’t sound cheaper now, does it? So, you get the best value with the $79 annual subscription to Amazon Prime. At just $7 extra, you get lots of features. It’s another thing that you have to make a one-time payment to avail those.

Get Grand Tour for free

You can though watch Grand Tour online for free. You won’t have to pay a penny, but you have to wait a bit. There is nothing illegal involved though. For the new Prime sign-ups, Amazon offers a 30-day free trial. So, you can sign up one month before the season two ends and catch the remaining episodes live, for free.

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Oh, the previous episodes! You need not worry about that. Every episode is available to watch on-demand whenever you like. So, while you wait for the next episode to go live, you can binge watch the episodes of the first season. And also the current ones you are eagerly waiting for to see.

But there is a hiccup. While Amazon Prime is available in Australia, the episodes air earlier on the British servers. It just seems about right for the Grand Tour Australia fans to get access to the UK’s Amazon Prime. There are easy and safe ways to do so.

Use VPN to watch Grand Tour

VPNs are one of the easiest ways to access service from overseas. Use the best VPN in Australia and get unrestricted access to the British version of Prime. You can’t access it with an Australian IP because of the geo-restriction.

Grand Tour via VPNYou can use a VPN service to successfully bypass this restriction. When you connect your streaming device to a VPN server, the server masks the IP address which your ISP provided.

It then provides an address of the country where the server is. So, you can pay for a service provider like ExpressVPN and connect to a UK server.

ExpressVPN has one of the strongest encryption systems, and with this, you can enjoy the Grand Tour with full privacy. With our articles database, you can read more about VPNs and also get the detailed ExpressVPN review.

SmartDNS servers for Grand Tour

Smart DNS proxy servers are the other easy way to get access to live episodes of Grand Tour. One of the popular SmartDNS software is Unlocator.

watch Grand Tour via SmartDNS

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A SmartDNS server does not encrypt the connection but only redirects your location data. So, a server in the UK will show that you are a UK user. And you can then watch Grand Tour and other fantastic content available with the British Amazon Prime.

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