How to Watch Foxtel Outside of Australia

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For those that didn’t already know, Foxtel is a television company that has a monopoly is several media markets in Australia.

They offer several products and services which will allow you watch TV programs, movies and shows online, or on demand.

Everything from sports to soap operas can be viewed through Foxtel. Although you might notice “Foxtel go app not working” and that’s because it’s only available inside AU, meaning for Foxtel stream you will have to find alternatives or move to AU yourself.

Foxtel Outside of Australia

There are main two main streaming services it provides. The first one is called Foxtel on the go, or Foxtel Go for short, and it gives you the option to stream live sports or TV shows on your devices wherever you are.

Foxtel Play streams TV content over the net; it is a Live TV service. This is a standalone product, and you will need to buy it separately from Foxtel’s subscription, unlike Foxtel GO which already included in the subscription. Foxtel Play is compatible with some devices like XBOX, Playstation and Smart TV.

How to access it from outside AU?

With the help of a good VPN or a proxy, you can easily get Foxtel’s on your devices.

Each device that can browse the internet has something called an IP address. Websites can either block or give you access to certain type of content depending on your IP address. This is because by looking up your IP, they can see your actual location, and if you are outside the area allowed to view some content, then it is restricted for you.

This is called geo-blocking, i.e., blocking a certain type of content depending on your geographical location.

A VPN service will connect your computer to their network. This network will have servers all over the world, and by connecting to a server inside the region whose content you want to view, you can have complete access to it, much accessing US Netflix mentioned here.

For example, if you connect to a server in AU, you can get Foxtel channels pretty easily.

Now a VPN service will also give you several other features like data protection, anonymity, browser extensions, kill switches, etc. But a Smart DNS proxy will only spoof your IP address, allowing you to view restricted content and not much else. It is, however, cheaper than a VPN service and is suitable for those people that only need to stream content online without any added benefits.

The best VPN provider in my mind is ExpressVPN. Its features include:

expressvpn best vpn

• Fast speed. A VPN and especially one that will be used to stream content online has to have good speed. Unfortunately, the extra step where all the data is rerouted from another server decreases your internet speed by about 15 to 40%. ExpressVPN, however, falls in the below 20% category which is great for us.
• Unlimited bandwidth!
• 256-bit encryption
• No logging policy
• 30-day full money back guarantee
• A 24/7 available customer support.
• Supports all major platforms.

Unlocator is the best DNS proxy with the following features:

unlocator best DNS

• Available at almost half the price as VPN’s
• No software installation required
• Support for all platforms because there is no software needed to run the service.

After subscribing to their services, simply do a Foxtel play download as there is also Foxtel on iPad, and you will get Foxtel access.

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