How to Access Couchtuner Anonymously in Australia

With all the talk of Kodi and US Netflix and other streaming services, you might ask what is Couchtuner because it sounds like a weird sort of TV remote.

If it was that there wouldn’t be so much of a privacy problem, but you wouldn’t have half as many TV channels to watch.

Couchtuner streaming services

What is Couchtuner Exactly?

This is an online streaming service which offers streaming content and has done so since 2010. Through the years it has had to go through various subdomains such as where is started to and

Many users, use this as their primary source of TV because it hosts free content, or that is what users might think. Couch tuner actually streams content which is pirated and can be geo-locked, so it isn’t available in Australia.

The main content is TV shows, so there isn’t really any Couchtuner movies to any great extent, but for shows, they offer pretty much anything you could think of.

Is Couchtuner Safe and Legal?

In a word, No Couchtuner isn’t legal because most of the content is pirated. This throws up copyright issues and then with the data retention laws in Australia, your ISP will have a record of every time you have watched a program on the site.

Couchtuner Safe and LegalThis in itself opens you up to many problem areas outside of any threats such as viruses or malware being injected into the site or any of the Couchtuner video you begin playing.

On the safety side though, this site has a long history, and as of yet they have been pretty reliable, and haven’t had many cases of viruses, etc. Although, this isn’t to say it will never happen.

The first thing to do is never click on any ads which might show up, and be sure to have a firewall installed. You can also check our recommendation toward the end of the article.

Deceptive Ads

If you do see any ads pop up when visiting the site, they will more than likely be asking you to update your video player, and if you see any of these, you should ignore them altogether.

The site doesn’t ask any Australian user to update or download anything, so you are safe to blanket ignore any request to do so.

If you click on an ad, this can be the open door that malware needs to infect your system, and you are leaving yourself open if you visit the site without protection.

As tempting as it is to tune into Couchtuner Game of Thrones, you should follow the advice in the next section before doing so.

Safe Streaming

As soon as you visit www.couchtuner…(whatever extension works), you are under threat from snoops more than anything.

We give the same advice as we would for any Kodi user who is accessing geo-locked content, and to look into using the services of a VPN provider.

The best Australian VPN can protect a family against all the snooping and data retention regulations families are faced with by their ISP’s.

This service will also block any hackers from infiltrating your network because they won’t be able to see you even exist. If they did see the end of your connection, they might even think you are situated in the USA compared to Australia.

An ISP could throttle, or cut your connection if it is found you’re watching shows which are deemed illegal content. This can ruin any home connection you have, and also your viewing experience will now be entirely shattered.

To fully see all of the features of this best in class VPN. Users are Couchtuner and VPNurged to go and check out the ExpressVPN review to see how good it is and what benefits it offers.

Australia is a funny location, and if a VPN server doesn’t have plenty of servers around the globe, they will only offer slow connections.

Signing up for ExpressVPN is simplicity in itself. Merely create an account and then log-in after choosing your payment option and you will then receive a confirmation email with your security information.

You can sign up that fast and have their app installed in under 15 minutes which won’t even interfere much with the next episode you’ve chosen from Couchtuner.

You will be able to have TV marathons knowing your connection is out of sight of snoops. With the built-in ad blockers and bank-grade encryption, you can watch everything in complete privacy.

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