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There was one crime drama that differs from all the rest and has had viewers gripped from the opening scene.

This was the NBC Blindspot, and when the character Jane Doe was discovered naked in Times Square and covered in fresh tattoos, it had audiences gripped and keen to solve the puzzle as much as the lead male character detective Kurt Weller.

Viewers in Australia are behind in watching the show due to the delay in broadcasting and might only have seen half of Blindspot season 3.

This means there is a long wait until season 4 is aired and there is no way that any viewer can avoid all of the spoilers and move a step closer to finding out why Jane Doe was naked in Times Square.

Before looking at how Australian viewers can make use of some Blindspot catchup and then watch Blindspot season 4 in line with the USA airing. We will give an overview of what has happened so far.

Watch Blindspot Online FreeBlindspot Story So Far

We won’t go through the full Blindspot episode list because that would take a considerable amount of time.

FBI agent Kurt Weller was brought onto the scene when an unidentified woman was found not knowing the truth about her identity. She was inside a bag, naked, and completely covered in mysterious tattoos.

Each of the 76 episodes takes the FBI team closer to finding out who she is and what is the meaning of the mysterious, intricate tattoos. The more the show goes on, the larger and bigger the plots.

The show has changed executive producer after season 1&2, but still, it manages to grip viewers. Watching Blindspot is gripping and once the vast international plot explodes in episode 1 of season 4.

There is a new foe for the team who is played by Madeline Burke, and Jane finds out some alarming news about the ZIP poisoning she was exposed to in season three.

From the very first time, Jane was in Times Square completely covered; each tattoo leads the team further into a web of mystery and intrigue.

watch Blindspot online via VPNUsing a VPN to Watch Blindspot Online

The best way to watch Blindspot online is via NBC which is an American TV channel. This can have you watching Blindspot at the same time as the USA as long as you make use of a VPN service.

The top VPN services offer a broad range of benefits which are not directly related to accessing geo-blocked content, but this is something they happen to be very good at.

You will have security and privacy for your home connection and also your mobile devices.

It should be noted that not all VPN’s are suitable for Australian users although they might be marketed in a way that makes them appear to be.

It is highly recommended to check out the top VPN service reviews, and forget the ones lower down the lists.

Having a VPN is the vital step for bypassing any geo-restrictions. These are simple to sign up for, and the most popular VPN only asks you to follow the next steps to get you signed up and get your connection protected and encrypted, so you look like you are in the USA.

  1. Head to the VPN website
  2. Select a plan
  3. Select a payment option
  4. Add email address

Those are all the steps it takes to sign up. After that, you will receive a confirmation email with the download link for the devices you will be using. Follow this and then download and install the app.

Next, you need to select a USA based server. This is done merely from a drop-down menu. Wait until it has connected and head to the official NBC website.

From here you can navigate to watch NBC shows or head directly to the Blindspot section and choose the episode you wish to view.

You can also make use of the NBC app which might offer better success than the website for playing.

This is available for iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and many more devices. This is where the best VPN’s come into play because they will support the same devices.

Go to the relevant store and download for Android or iOS. Install the app, and with using this, you can access all of the same content as is shown on the website apart from one small difference.

You will only be able to watch the current Blindspot streaming episodes, so make sure you are up to date, or you will need to backtrack.

access Blindspot online on other sourcesWhere Else Can I Watch Blindspot Online?

If you can’t access an NBC live stream with the above method, it can help to clear your data caches in case you’re the service has picked up anything that is showing as you living in Australia (cookies etc.)

There are also other places where you can easily access Blindspot online.

  • SlingTV – Sling is a cable alternative and is offering a seven-day free trial. It includes NBC and AMC among others.
  • DirectTV – This is another cable-cutting option which is offering a seven-day free trial. This can be used on a high number of devices such as cell phones, tablets and games consoles.
  • Hulu – Blindspot is on Hulu, so if you have an account you are good to go. Just be sure to connect your VPN to bypass any geo-restrictions for the channel. These all have a seven free trial at the moment.
  • YouTubeTV – One last channel which is offering a free trial and includes NBC as one of the channels it airs. This will need you to change the city in the USA due to where it is currently available.

It should be noted if you are using the app or the website to stream NBC and are rejected. You might need to change the city with your VPN because sometimes NBC does have problems and might be conflicting with specific regions at certain times.

Failing this, you can quickly make use of the free trials above to watch Blindspot, and time it right and you can get almost a months’ worth of NBC free streaming.

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