Unlocator Review- A SmartDNS Proxy

A Unique Smart DNS Service Provider

Unlocator is an easy-to-use system that lets you appear to be in a location that you aren’t actually in. For example, let’s say you travel to a country that your favorite movie channel is inaccessible or outright blocked, you will not be allowed to stream the movies you want on your devices.

Unlocator Review a SmartDNS Proxy

number one rated smart dns

Unlocator will allow you the ability to unblock and get American Netflix, watch HBO Go, get Hulu Plus and much more. All of this with no location restrictions.

So What is the Point?

Using Unlocator will let you efficiently trick your devices into thinking you are at home, or wherever it is the content you want to see is broadcasted.

SmartDNS vs. VPN Service

Unlocator is called a ‘SmartDNS’ and is different than the most popular VPN service provider (Virtual Private Network) in multiple ways. The key difference being it will bypass firewalls, and with using remote servers, it will let you have access to content that geographically, you would normally be limited to.

Is Unlocator Safe?

Unlocator SafeRest assured that Unlocator is secure and safe, but do not forget like with anything else that transmits data over the internet nothing can ever be %100 secured- that slim risk is always there.

It’s completely transparent and will not interfere with other services on your devices such as banking or any of your social media.

How do I set it up?

On the website, you will get easy instructions that correspond to your devices and its operating system. The instructions will show you how to set up Unlocator on a single device or many devices if you own more than one. It is overall a very simple thing to do.

How much is it?

You can use a free 7-day trial; after your trial expires, it will cost $4.95 per month. Unlocator also offers a six and 12-month package plans. This is a very competitive price and hard to beat for the safety and security that
Unlocator offers.

Will I still be able to use other services?

Of course, Unlocator will not affect any of your other services you may have on your devices. As mentioned before it will not mess with online banking or your favorite social network website.

Overall Strengths and Weakness of Unlocator.


Unlocator is easy-to-use and provides the instructions needed to set up and get started with ease.

While there are other of the services offered, Unlocator does not require an external program and can be used from your browser alone without the hassle of starting other programs beforehand.

Unlocator already has 60+ verified and tested channels of media at your fingertips and already on a list for you to access with the click of a button.


When it comes to weaknesses of Unlocator, the list is short as there is only one minor weakness of it.

The simple fact that no matter what, Data transmitted online will never be %100 secured. That is just the way the internet it. But not to worry, I doubt anyone wants to know what media channels people watch on a DNS server.

Last but not least, What if I need Help?

Not to worry, Unlocator has full support and a range of full-detail descriptions for general use, troubleshooting, set up, and easy to navigate website.