Torguard Review

Torguard is not your everyday VPN service provider; it was designed to specifically target those that do a lot of downloading, especially from torrents, hence the “Tor” in its name. It’s probably the best VPN for Australia at the moment.

What is TorGuard?

TorGuard review

torguard for privacy

As mentioned before, it’s a VPN, but when it first started out back in 2012, its target audience was mainly Bittorrent users.

If you’ve ever done any browsing or downloading from the relatively few sites that are left now, you will know not everything you download is strictly legit.

Everything is uploaded by the users of the website; these people can be veteran uploaders with years of history or a totally new user with zero credibility.

You can tell most of the times, you only need that one mistake to download something with a spyware or a virus, and there goes all your information and it will take a lot of time and resources to fix that.

And as if that wasn’t enough, anyone can easily find out your location as is. It just takes a little bit of know-how to be able to hack anyone’s computer these days and see what they are doing and copy any information off of their computer.

And obviously, you can’t ask for help from a professional in most cases, as they can easily see your history and confirm that you’ve been downloading movies, shows, and apps illegally.

More often than not, they are obligated to report you to the authorities, putting you in an even worse position.

Governments have cracked down hard on such things, and you might go to jail in severe cases or have to pay several thousand dollars. In most first world countries, this is no joke.

Your ISP can easily see what you are doing and take proper measures against you.

This is where VPN clients come in. By hiding your identity and protecting your data at the same time, they solve most of your problems.

But the problem is, not many VPN services support peer-to-peer connections (which is what torrents are), and even when they do, it is severally limited, and speed is crippled.

That’s why torguard is such a nice option for people like me and you, as the saying goes, better to be safe than sorry.


• Comes with four different options, each one offers something different, and even though they focus on Bittorrents, they have better services and features than most other VPN services out there. So go through the list and see which best fulfills your needs. vpn internet security
• A varied price range which is from $5.95 all the way to $11.54 for the biggest package.
• No traffic logs obviously.
• A massive network is containing 1600+ servers located in over 50 countries worldwide.
• A 256-bit data encryption.
• Unlimited bandwidth and speed without any throttling.
• Different protocols for every package, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.
• Support for all major platforms.
• Up to 5 simultaneous devices on one account.
• Extremely fast speeds.
• And a 7-day money back guarantee to get you started. Download Torguard and get going.


Doesn’t really have any weaknesses to be honest, but I guess it could be cheaper. Never hurts to save a bit.

torguard for privacy