How to Watch Rick and Morty Online

If you haven’t heard about Rick and Morty, then you have missed out on plenty of giggles over the past couple of years.

The adult animated series which was created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland follows the adventures of Rick and Morty who split their time between regular life and their interdimensional experiences.

The show is aired as part of the Cartoon Network and takes prime time on the Adult Swim late-night channel.

The biggest problem for viewers in Australia is the delay in episodes being shown, and that it needs a subscription to a service which will allow you to watch full episodes like the hilarious ‘Mind Blowers’ where Rick asked Morty to erase a collection of old memories.

Another episode from the third series was Pickle Rick where Rick knowingly turns himself into a pickle. Without adding any spoilers, there are plenty of jokes and repeat viewings of all episodes are advisable.

It is hard to believe the show only has three seasons, and it was almost 6 years ago when everyone was laughing when Morty was transported to a theme park which was full of diseases. Anatomy Park was instead an apt name for the episode.

With season 4 not yet ready for airing, there is still time to watch Rick and Morty Season 3 online.

Watch Rick and Morty OnlineHow to Watch Rick and Morty

After season three broke records, and the Rick and Morty viewership for season 3 was over 11 million viewers, there are huge numbers who want to catch up before season 4 kicks off.

It could have been much easier if Rick and Morty were shown on Netflix. Unfortunately, it isn’t, and the best way Australian viewers can watch the show is by using Hulu. Unfortunately, two things stop you watching the show online for free.

The content is geo-blocked and can only be accessed by US viewers, and requires the use of a VPN service. Second is, it requires a subscription to Hulu the TV streaming service.

HULU to watch Rick and MortySigning up for Hulu

Hulu TV comes with 2-packages. The lowest is $7.99 per month with adverts, or you can opt for Hulu with live TV.

This could be beneficial when season 4 of Rick and Morty is ready to air because it could be the only way to watch Rick and Morty live, or at least watch their special they did at the beginning of season 3.

The live option costs $39.99, but you do have access to plenty more content, and you can catch up with all the full episodes that are available on the service.

Before signing up, you do need a VPN in place because you need to convince the service provider you are inside the USA. Here is how to sign up and watch Hulu in Australia.

  1. Select a US-based VPN server from your VPN client.
  2. Navigate to the Hulu website
  3. Click on the ‘Start free trial’ button
  4. Select plan – Some credit cards might not work, but because the transaction appears to be from the US, it might, but you might need to go through payment verification. You can also use a Payoneer prepaid cash card.
  5. Fill in the simple details – if you are asked for an address, enter one you find on the internet. Zipcode will be a definite requirement.
  6. You are then given the option of downloading the Hulu Plus app for a vast range of devices. Select the one you require and install.

As you will notice, the Hulu sign up process begins with a free trial. For the cheaper package with ads, this is for one month and then with the with Live TV package, you only get one week. But, this gives you seven days to stream Rick and Morty free.

VPN to unblock Rick and MortyFinding the best VPN for use in Australia

It is easy to unblock with a VPN service, but not all VPN’s are suitable for far countries like Australia.

Choosing one can be more complicated than signing up for Hulu. A lot of VPN’s oversell their services, and once they have people who subscribe, they don’t always deliver.

This can make it highly frustrating, and while many offer a cut down version of their service, it doesn’t give a real feeling of what the premium VPN package would be like.

To save all the hard work and to make sure no Australian viewer is unable to catch back episodes of Rick and Morty before the new season kicks off, we have two of the best solutions for VPN’s.

The first option is NordVPN which is based in Panama. It has over 5,000 VPN servers around the globe and offers a strict no-logging policy.

This is good for privacy, but even though they are based on any jurisdiction and not liable for any government agency to question them about user activity.

Their payments do go through an American company, so these will, unfortunately, have your name and bank details.

Although this number 2 ranked VPN provider has a massive network, their speeds are unreliable on some servers, and from the USA to Australia, you might find you suffer and your stream buffers unexpectedly.

The number one global recommendation is ExpressVPN, and this company delivers in every respect.

With military encryption, you are safe in their hands, and they are based in the British Virgin Islands, which falls under no jurisdiction.

They might have fewer VPN servers, but download speeds are rock solid, and they deliver best in class performance across the board.

This VPN provider also allows the unblocking of any geo-blocked content from any country, and when connected to the USA, you can even change the city if needed.

Customer support is fast, and they can instantly help you find the best solution if you are blocked anywhere.

With a 30-day “no questions asked” money-back guarantee, you can test the service thoroughly.
With this free trial and the free trial from Hulu, you can find Rick and Morty unblocked well ahead of the new season starting.

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