How to Watch American Horror Story Apocalypse Online Free

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American Horror Story is an award-winning series which has had a run of seven seasons. Now with season eight, viewers are keen to wait no longer and catch up with the spooky happenings.

AHS Apocalypse is the latest season and comes with a new spooky theme, although there is some recurring American Horror Story cast which has been throughout each series.

Before looking at how to watch American Horror Story online, we will take a look at the characters you can expect to see.

Watch American Horror Story Apocalypse OnlineAmerican Horror Story Cast

  • Evan Peters,
  • Lily Rabe – not in season seven
  • Sarah Paulson
  • Denis O’Hare
  • Kathy Bates

A few of the characters are recurring from season seven ‘AHS Cult’ which took place in the fictional suburbs of Brookfield Heights.

The Cult series received plenty of acclaims and it leaves viewers excited for the next instalment. This takes place in another location on the West Coast and jumps to the near future by a few years.

If all of the previous American Horror Story seasons are anything to go by, then season eight will be full of good stuff for Australian lovers of the show.

FX Online to watch American Horror StoryWatching American Horror Story Online

Most of the ways you can watch the latest instalment of American Horror Story is by signing up for a cable package.

This is standard in most countries, but because of delays it can be ages when viewers get to see the show, and there can be lots of spoilers around which make the show lose its effect.

Because the show is faced with geo-restrictions, it isn’t possible to access the show directly. There is a simple workaround to this, but there are specific steps which need to be followed to stream American Horror Story.

FX Online is the best way to catch the show, but these geo-restrictions prevent Australian viewers from signing up and accessing content. It is straightforward to bypass these restrictions by using a VPN service.

These VPN’s can easily mask your IP address to make it appear you are a US resident, you can then easily fool the service into thinking you have the rights for access.

If you are worried about legal issues, there are none for doing this as you are not keeping any data, you are only streaming which is very different.

To put your mind at rest, your connection is encrypted with a VPN so your ISP won’t see what you are watching. ISP’s are renowned for throttling connections during streaming sessions.

Unlock American Horror Story using VPNUnblocking FX Network Using Your VPN

Trying to access the FX Network will throw up an error if you try and access it directly from Australia.

Using a VPN to watch FX online you need to sign up for the website of the channel. When you sign up, it is one of these services which ask for your TV provider because the FX Network is an add-on to a regular cable subscription.

Because you won’t see a TV supplier in the drop down box, click on ‘Discover More’ as the alternative.

There is also the FXNOW app you can download for many mobile devices, this though unfortunately requires a valid cable subscription to access this app.

It should be noted, HBO and CBS have introduced standalone VOD services, so FXNOW might follow suit in the near future.

Using VPN’s to Stream American Horror Story

Once you have all you need for accessing the FX Network, you will need to check the FX schedule for when AHS is being aired. Before doing this, make sure your VPN is connected because even at this point you will face the geo-blocking error.

These VPN’s provide numerous other benefits from only giving access to geo-blocked content.

They can encrypt all of your information so no one can see what you are doing while online. This can include torrenting or making online banking transactions.

Hackers and ISP’s are none the wiser, and connections from a VPN are the best way to protect a household connection. This is even more important if children are using the connection.

The hardest part is choosing the best VPN for Australia because not all of them are the same.

VPN’s should deliver the following no matter who the provider:

  • Based outside of 5-eyes jurisdiction
  • Strict zero logging policies
  • Fast download speeds to Australia
  • Allow safe torrenting and accessing geo-blocked content
  • Fast customer support
  • Easy to use
  • A large VPN server network

When you take all this into consideration, here is a very brief overview of how two of the most common VPN’s stack up against the above.


This is easy to use, and for this reason, it is very popular, but it is more geared for use in Europe and the USA.

Speeds down under suffer, and you will find your connection is cut after 3-hours. At this point, you will be unsecured and will need to restart the service.

CyberGhost isn’t a good solution for binge-watching back episodes of American Horror Story streaming as you can see from the above list because it doesn’t fulfill all of the requirements.


This is very often seen as the top VPN for Australia and any out of the way areas. They have a vast network that caters for most countries and thus giving access to the most substantial amount of geo-blocked content.

With unlimited data, you can watch FX live without losing a connection, or you can binge watch American Horror Story to your heart’s content.

ExpressVPN delivers against all of the above lists while many other alternatives fall short in one or two areas.

With the right TV Provider (DirectTV a good option) you can easily bypass any restrictions imposed by the FX Network and now catch all your favourite episodes as well as watching the most current season.

Lovers of the show have all they need to make sure they jump past broadcasting delays which come with regular viewing in countries outside of the USA.

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