NordVPN Review

These days VPN’s are as common as a second browser on your computer. They are being used by many businesses and normal users alike, due to some reasons.

Businesses usually go for a VPN service provider because of security. They want to protect their data and make doubly sure that no one is spying on them.

NordVPN has great privacy

how vpn works

These days’ corporate espionage is not just a thing from movies and stories but happens much more than you would think and can be devastating for business.

Losing clients and personal info and records of business to your competitors is bound to be a heavy blow for most.

For normal users, it’s somewhat the same. When you are using a VPN service, you gain an extra layer of security against hackers and any spyware programs that might be either be leeching off your system or stealing financial information.

There are entire businesses that survive on stealing and then selling people’s personal information to big corporations and even governments.

What is NordVPN and How does a VPN work?

NordVPN Review

When you connect to a VPN provider, they pass all of your information to their servers first. From there it is sent to where it was supposed to.

All of your data is protected with encryption, and the stronger the encryption, the harder it is for someone to steal it.

But you have to keep in mind that this process will reduce your total speed. Because of this extra step in connecting to a website, when you use a VPN service, and I mean any service at all, it will reduce your total speed by about 15 to 40% minimum.

This also depends on some other factors such as server load, distance from the server; it’s quality, etc. etc.

This is how NordVPN works as well and is pretty simple. Just do a Nordvpn download and get started.

Let’s get started with the NordVPN product features:

• Price: has several packages, all for people with different needs. Their newest package is a 2-year plan which is exceptionally cheap and costs $79.00 in total or $3.29 per month.
• Security: I have yet to see a VPN provider that has so many security options and encryption methods. Its OpenVPN has the most to offer with 2048-bit SSL encryption, then L2TP/IPSec with AES-256 encryption and vpn securiyfinally PPTP with MPPE-128-bit encryption.
• As if that wasn’t enough, they have Double data encryption as well, where they reroute your data through two different servers instead of the usual one.
• Huge network, consisting of 762 (for now, it keeps increasing every other week), located in 57 countries.
• When a VPN provider has extra security, it has to compromise on speed. Not NordVPN though, I don’t know how, but they did it. Pretty decent speed, you won’t even notice it’s on most of the times.
• Six devices can be connected simultaneously to one account.
• Allows the use of P2P connections, so torrent to your heart’s content.
• You can stream NordVPN Netflix, and any other region restricted content.

A couple of weaknesses:

• No detailed session specific information is provided.
• If there is an extra load on the server, connections get pretty slow.