How to Watch Match of the Day in Australia

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The BBC Match of the Day (MOTD) is one of the most watched football shows in the UK and brings all the best highlights and up to date news of everything to do with football.

For many football fans, it’s a must-have show to watch, but for Australian football fans or those ex-pats who live down under, there comes a problem.

Watch Match of the Day in Australia

BBC iPlayer

Match of the day is a BBC only program so it can only be accessed from live TV or MOTD highlights on catch up via the world famous iPlayer from the BBC.

Here is the problem. Like many streaming services, the iPlayer is only available in the UK.

It can quickly become frustrating when you have no idea what’s going on in the Premier League, and all you get it a screen saying you can’t access the player from your location.

MOTD Solution

A VPN can bypass these geo restrictions which are in place for the BBC iPlayer. All of your traffic would be encrypted and would then flow through the VPN’s network and emerge from a UK VPN server. By doing this, it appears you are residing in the UK.

Next time you attempt connecting to watch MOTD online the iPlayer reads the new IP address as if you were in England and grants access.

Unblocking Match of the Day Streams

By following these simple steps, you can watch a MOTD stream on a vast number of devices from Australia or any other country you might be visiting.

VPN Unblock Match of the Day

  1. Sign up with the best trusted and reliable VPN service provider
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your device. A good VPN service should have clients for iOS, Android,
  3. Windows and Mac OS among other platforms
  4. Connect to a UK VPN server in the software client
    Visit the BBC’s iPlayer website, or launch the iPlayer application.
  5. Sit back and watch your Match of the Day stream from wherever you are in Australia.

The best VPN for watching MOTD should be simple to use when you are bypassing these geo-restrictions.

Choosing the Best VPN for MOTD

You might think using a VPN shows you are doing something illegal, but in fact, the use of VPN’s is entirely legal.

However, because of what these services offer to users, there are many streaming services such as the iPlayer which started to blacklist their use back in 2015.

Not all VPN’s are equal in their services, or their ability to bypass geo-blocked content, so choosing the right VPN is crucial.

There are other factors to determine, and which is especially true for Australian users. Download speeds need to be high enough to allow watching MOTD without hiccups or buffering.

VPN’s do slow connection speeds because of the encryption involved, but the best VPN will only show a slight drop in performance.

Much of this does come from the VPN providers global network, and the larger and more robust it is. The better the chance you have of being able to successfully access the iPlayer for MOTD.

MOTD and VPN’s

Not all VPN’s provide access to BBC’s iPlayer even though they promote access all streaming content.

One top-rated virtual private network provider IPVanish is one who doesn’t work well with the iPlayer, in fact, it doesn’t work well with other streaming services (US Netflix).

VPN that allow watching MOTDIt also suffers badly in the speed stakes, and Australia connections speeds can plummet by around 90% using their service.

Choosing a VPN has its own quirks, but one which is guaranteed to bypass any streaming content geo-restrictions is ExpressVPN.

This VPN can be installed on a vast number of platforms including home routers, so there is no reason you are stuck on your computer to watch MOTD.

MOTD With ExpressVPN

With a vast global network and Australia being well taken care of in the VPN server stakes. This VPN continually gives the best connections.

It is continuously shown to be the fastest VPN for streaming (and torrenting) regardless of your location.

From a simple sign-up procedure, you can install the software, and get connected and be watching the match of the day highlights without even missing a goal.

The entire process can be completed in less than 30 minutes, and if you ever find you have a problem, the company has 24/7 365 live chat to assist.

Once you check out this VPN and what it offers compared to the competition, you will soon be able to watch match of the day online free catch up at home, or on any mobile device which has an internet connection. And all of this is done with the utmost security and privacy.

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