How to Watch iTV Player Live in Australia

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UK TV fans are spread all over the world. For the British drama fans, there is not only the BBC but also the iTV UK channel.

If you want to get the content of iTV Player watch online. You can watch British shows live or on-demand, but if you try to access its content, you will find iTV Player not working.

So, let’s find out how to watch iTV from Australia.

iTV player live in Australia

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What’s on ITV player?

While BBC is the most popular network in the UK, iTV is the oldest commercial TV network. And iTV Player is its online catch-up service. You will get all the content broadcasted on iTV, iTV2, iTV3, CiTV and also iTVBe.

With iTV Player, you won’t miss your favourite episodes of X Factor and Downton Abbey. You can re-watch any episodes of Celebrity Juice, the comedy show or the Top Gear, the series on motor vehicles.

There also are popular soap operas like Coronation Street and Emmerdale, showing the lives of people in the fictional location of the Coronation Street, Weatherfield and farms of Emmerdale respectively. The iTV Player (now known as iTV Hub) is available on a host of devices. It is available for mobiles, PCs and also the popular gaming consoles.

And all this is available for free.

But how to watch iTV Hub abroad

Hearing so much about iTV, I hope you haven’t forgotten what I said at the beginning. You can’t access its content from Australia, well, not in an official way. iTV Player, like other UK TV channels, is geo-restricted to the UK.

iTV Hub abroadAnyone accessing it with a foreign IP address is not allowed to watch the content available. But if you can fake the IP address of your device, then you can watch iTV Player abroad on iPad, smartphone or any other device you use. There are many ways to do so, and the easiest of them is to use VPN services.

Watch iTV Player with VPN

VPNs are a safe way to access streaming services which are not available at a particular location. All you need to do is iTV Player with VPNto connect to a VPN server located in the UK.

Upon connecting, the server hides your IP address and gets you one of the addresses available in the UK. Thus, iTV will allow you to watch whatever you want.

There are many free VPN service providers, but for reasonable speeds, you need paid ones like NordVPN. Setting it up is easy, and with its secure encryption system, it encrypts the data traveling to and from the device. This way, a VPN ensures that whatever you browse remains private.

If you want to know more about VPNs, you are welcome to check our archives for info. There also are detailed reviews of NordVPN and other popular VPN services.

Unrestricted iTV Player with SmartDNS

After VPN, SmartDNS proxy servers are your best friend to help you get an unrestricted access to the extensive content catalogue of iTV Player.

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Setting up one on your device is very easy, and any non-tech-savvy person can use it. SmartDNS service providers like Unlocator change the DNS of the device and routes it through a server from another country, Britain, in our case.

Unlike a VPN, which tunnels the entire Internet traffic from its server, a DNS server diverts only the data related to iTV Player with SmartDNSyour IP address.

This is what the job of DNS is, to translate the IP address to a geographical location. Now that you are in the UK
(only virtually), watch as much UK TV shows as you want.

This method is faster than that of using a VPN as the internet speed is not affected, but also, it has no encrypting feature.

Your browsing activities won’t be hidden from the ISP. If that’s not your concern, smart DNS proxy is the one you should use to access geo-restricted sites.

How to use iTV Player (iTV Hub)

Now that you have access to iTV Player, you need to sign in to it. Oh, don’t be scared, you won’t have to pay anything, I already said that.

But yes, you have to register an account with them, giving your general details and a UK postcode. This UK postcode thing is necessary because of the licensing regulations in the UK.

Once you have the account ready, you can then stream the available movies and TV shows from iTV and all its partner channels.

The interface is well organized, and you can search for any content quickly and watch them right away on your mobile device, PC or on other supported devices.

It also has a premium service which allows you to download content to your device. With the paid service you also get an ad-free experience. But of course, that’s optional.

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