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Hotstar is owned by Nova Digital Entertainment with headquarters based in Mumbai. It is an Indian entertainment and VoD service that delivers tons of TV shows, soap operas, Bollywood movies and much more.

A lot of the content comes from users having a premium subscription, but even with this, there are some geo-restrictions which will prevent viewers in Australia from accessing the service.

Here we will take a look at how you can access Hotstar is Australia.

Watch Hotstar in AustraliaCountries With Hotstar Access

Viewers face content limitations and geo-restrictions when outside of India. There are two countries though, which are granted access. These are Canada, and there is also the Hotstar

USA service for Americans.
US viewers can take up the service in the US with the Hotstar offers of a one-month free trial before paying the $9.99 per month subscription.

This service is available on the Hotstar app which is available from US Google Play Store or the American iTunes store.

These Hotstar download locations are crucial for being able to watch Hotstar in Australia without using an alternative method.

Unblocking Hotstar Outside India

Before looking at ways to watch Hotstar, Australia sports fans should know the service delivers plenty of cricket matches as well as providing Indian content. Other content for sports fans is Formula One, Tennis, EPL and lots more.

The question is how to access this Indian content while it is blocked to Indian viewers, or to USA and Canada.

Kodi Add-ons HotstarWatch Hotstar With Kodi

Kodi has always had an enormous following of the Hotstar Kodi add-on. It has delivered plenty of movies, shows, soaps, and sports to loyal fans. Many being expats who have moved to the US or Canada.

But now, with a VPN it is time for Australian viewers to take advantage of Kodi’s capabilities and take part in some online streaming. This can be an easy way to watch a Hotstar TV series without taking out a subscription, but a lot of content shows it can only be accessed by a premium account.

Here are some brief installation instructions for adding Hotstar to Kodi:

  1. Launch Kodi Krypton V17. Select the “Gear” icon in the top right corner
  2. Select “File Manager” in the bottom right menu corner
  3. Scroll down and open “Add Source.”
  4. Double-Click on “None” and enter the following URL exactly
  5. Name the media source: “SuperRepo.”
  6. Navigate to the Kodi menu and click “Add-ons.”
  7. Click the “Package” symbol to start the installation
  8. Select “Install from zip file” and search for the “SuperRepo” source
  9. Click on “Krypton” – All –
  10. Wait for the “Add-on Installed” notification box to show
  11. Navigate back to the previous menu and select, “Install from Repository.”
  12. Select the “SuperRepo All [Krypton] [V7]” and open the “Video Add-ons” list
  13. Locate the “Hotstar” option and open the add-on and click the install button
  14. Launch the add-on and enjoy

You can now access Hotstar live streaming on your Kodi device.

Signing Up for a Hotstar Account

This part of the process is straightforward, and all you need to do is to visit the main website. Select and click on the ‘Sign In” option. This is located in the top right-hand corner of the page. You can now select “Sign up” form the pop-up box.

All you need to enter is a valid email address and a password along with age and gender. Lastly hit the green “Sign Up” button.

VPN to Unblock HotstarUsing a VPN to Unblock Hotstar in Australia

There are a few options when it comes to choosing a VPN provider to unblock Hotstar, however not all of them deliver a good enough service when it comes to serving Australia. The other important factor to consider is if they have a network presence in India.

This is the only way users are able to access the service and bypass the geo-restrictions which are in place. If there is no server in India, then there is no Hotstar.

For users who are looking for a VPN provider that delivers everything they need can take a while. We have done all the hard work, and have our recommendation, but first, we will see what a VPN brings to the table aside from merely being able to bypass Hotstar geo-restrictions.

  • Deliver buffer free connection speeds to Australia
  • Prevent connection throttling from ISP’s
  • Mask IP addresses to allow geo-restrictions to be bypassed (more countries the better)
  • Provide high levels of encryption – Military grade
  • Deliver around the clock customer support
  • Based outside any 5-eyes jurisdiction
  • Easy to use
  • Support a large number of devices and platforms

This list can go on, and not all VPN’s can cover just these few items listed.

After lots of research, there is only one VPN which fits the bill, and you can see all about our recommendation by reading the full ExpressVPN review.

Hotstar on AndroidWatching Hotstar on Android outside India

Here are some straightforward instructions for installing Hotstar on your Android device.

  1. Install the recommended VPN service on your Android device
  2. Once installed, open the app and navigate to the server drop down
  3. Make sure you clear all Google Play Store and Google Play Services on your device
  4. Close your current Play Store from running in the background
  5. In your Android VPN app, scroll down to India and connect to the server
  6. Open Google Play – this will now be the Indian store, so search for Hotstar and install the app.

The Express browser extensions can also be used in the same way. These will make your browser to be based in India, so then you can watch Indian movies online using your PC.
Although it might appear to be awkward to access Hotstar, it is easier than other streaming services around the globe.

The most significant thing with this streaming service or Kodi add-on is it delivers lots of content which you can find on other services that might in other cases require another subscription.

The VPN of choice is the ideal VPN for Hotstar and any other global streaming services which are geo-blocked for Australian viewers.

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