HideMyAss VPN Review

Security starts with the most basic system. Especially when your PC connects to the wild internet. Everyone needs to secure their devices.

They want to keep safe their valuable information. For this, you require a virtual private system (VPN) like Hide My Ass.

hidemyass reviewThe name is immediate as is the service. It has a clear interface. It is easy to use. You can use it through the site. You can also download the app. It is available on the app-store. It’s an extraordinary service. It is still hindered by licenses.

The logging strategies make it difficult to use. There is additionally no making tracks in the opposite direction. The administration is extremely productive. It has very light features.

Countless Servers

HideMyAss has countless servers and has been said to be the best VPN Australia. They are situated in nearly every nation possible. No other VPN organization is similar to it. They don’t have anything like this system. They don’t have so many servers.

This makes HideMyAss a convincing recommendation. This is perfect for the restricted subset of VPN clients. They may require access to enormous VPN servers. Mostly in separate areas. They may also need access to a VPN server in a nation that lone HMA servers.

VPN Pricing and Monthly Plans

HideMyAss has marginally expanded its costs. These are greater than last time we checked on it. It offers one basic “in with no reservations” design. It now begins at $11.52 every month. This cost goes down for six or 12-month memberships. It drops to $6.56 every month for the yearly membership.

HideMyAss Monthly PlansA 30-day money-back guarantee is accessible. There are notable limitations on this. You may not exceed 10GB of transmission capacity. This service does not cover buys made through app stores.
They include Google Play or iTunes even Hulu Plus Australia. Some customers have also reported issues. They did not get the refund they were eligible for. HMA didn’t respond to the claims.

You should be aware of some essential features. The renewal of memberships is automatic. It should be manually changed. This can be done using the online account portal. The installment is through credit card or platinum card. PayPal, Perfect bank and wire exchange are accessible. UnionPay and SOFORT can also be used.

No Bitcoin installment choice is accessible. HMA is not an administration to utilize if security matters to you most. You can consider other options as well.

HideMyAss Features

A HideMyAss membership offers the following functions:

Privacy and Logs

HideMyAss is infamous inside the security group. It is known for giving information of its clients to the police.
The most understood occurrence happened in 2011. HMA gave the web records of a client to the police. The client was Cody Kretsinger. Kretsinger was blamed for hacking the Sony Pictures site. He got a jail sentence in this case.

HMA is currently owned by the Czech Organization. It is known as Avast Software. It is still a UK-based administration. The UK now has the most surveillance laws.

They are most strict among the other countries. UK VPN suppliers are strictly regulated. They are required to keep up the metadata logs. These are promptly open to the police.

A huge range of government organizations can also look up this data. It is freely available to them. This is not safe for customer’s privacy.

Overall, HMA has a good reputation. They have various servers. They have worked on their security structure.
The server has easy to use features. You’ll be satisfied with their service when you use it. You can visit their site for complete satisfaction.