How to Get Cheaper Plane Tickets in Australia with a VPN

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Cheap plane tickets? Yes, it’s always fascinating to get tickets at prices lower than what the websites offer. The flight prices can give you a headache at times. Even if you manage to find cheap airline tickets, the very next morning, the airfare increases.

Cheap flightsWe won’t like your holiday ruined because of missed flight deals. Here we guide you to use the best VPN for Australians to find the cheapest fare available for the airlines you prefer.

But before unleashing the power of a VPN, let’s see how the pricing system of airlines works. It will help you understand the role of VPN better.

Paying for tickets online

Travelling feels excellent but the airfares. Even the cheapest flights can make you go crazy at times. And when it’s the holiday season, you shouldn’t wait for last minute deals. As the seats start filling up, the fares start rising, and this happens with all the airlines, even with the low-cost carriers.

But that’s not only the case. The websites track you, your online ticket bookingsearches. When a route is in demand, the price of airline increases.

When you make repeated searches for a place, you start getting higher prices after some time. So, it’s for your own best to keep your searches hidden and use the incognito (or private browsing) mode of your browser.

There are plenty of websites to compare and help you get cheap flights. You never know, if they are going to offer you the same price, the next time you visit them. So, better be quick in booking as soon as you get a cheap airfare deal for your budget.

How do the websites track?

They use the point-of-sale, the applications and the various devices you use, to determine the demand for a flight ticket. The more you search, the higher you see the prices. They know your IP address each time you visit their site.

These IP addresses are provided by the ISPs you use and thus the best way to know your location. Also, the browsers store information in cookies.

These cookies reveal your activity. You may even get a lower price based on your location and the base currency you choose (works for international flights). GPS and use of Wi-Fi are easy ways to reveal your location.

And you can get your best deal with the use of a VPN. They can shuffle locations and help you. Let’s see how.

VPNs and ticket booking

You can always compare the prices with different tools but know that the value of a flight is different for different currencies.

A country with lower average income gets a lower rate than someone in a different country, even at the same date and flight time. The budget airlines do have a small price, but you can go even lower with a VPN.

ticket booking using ExpressVPNWhen you connect to one of the foreign servers of Express VPN Australia, you get a new IP address of that country.

So, change your IP address to a place such as Brazil, and you may see significant differences in the prices. Also, trying to book a US flight from the US would be cheaper than booking the same from Australia.

You don’t need a physical presence in different countries, all you need is ExpressVPN. It has servers in different part of the world.

When you connect to one of them, the server encrypts your network, and the websites seem to ‘think’ you are from the server’s country.

VPNs also address the problem of price hikes with repeated visits. You should use the private browsing mode while you are researching for your options.

But even then, the device’s IP address can give away your identity. A large number of ExpressVPN servers come handy in such a situation.

You can connect to different servers to get the flight at the cheapest rate without getting affected by ‘inflation.’

Even if you switch IP addresses, you should clear the browser cookies. They store information valuable for the websites. Cookies, though, are not stored in the incognito mode, and there also is the option to disable cookies to prevent the tracking.

Country-specific websites

Apart from the general website, you can go to the sites catering buying ticket with VPNto different countries. Again, you need a VPN for this.

These country-specific websites may have different rates as discussed earlier. And, while you are browsing the web with a VPN connection, you can also check local, not-so-popular airline companies operating in the destination country.

They have prices, way lower than what the popular airlines offer. Now, that you understood the trick, enjoy your holidays a bit more. 😉

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