The Best VPN Services in Australia

Why should you buy VPN software today?

The internet is no longer private: dozens of intelligence agencies around the world police the digital frontiers, allegedly on the lookout for criminal activity, but due to the very design of the web, it means compromising the privacies of even the innocent users.

Most online activity is monitored on a device’s IP address, which is unique for every device and can tie it back to the owner of the device eventually.


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For those who are conscious about their privacy, it is important to mask their IP address, and a Virtual Private Network lets them do exactly that, by creating a private tunnel through which their data travels before going on to the rest of the internet.

Their end of the tunnel is completely masked from the internet, and hence no one can tell their identity: to the rest of the internet (including any prying eyes), it is as if the traffic is being generated from the other end of the tunnel (they can’t look past that).

This lends a VPN to other uses as well – some governments restrict access to certain websites, to prevent the distribution of illegal content.

Furthermore, certain internet based services are restricted for use in a specific geographical location. If you want to access them from a place where they are restricted (however that may be), you’ll need a VPN.


A VPN alters your apparent online location to a place where the site/service isn’t restricted, hence allowing you to open the website / enjoy the service even when you haven’t left your own country.

This is especially useful for us Aussies when we want to access the Pirate Bay, or get US Netflix in Australia, or watch HBO in Australia, or watch Hulu in Australia or even the ever-popular Kodi – the list goes on!

Read on to discover some of the best VPN Australia services around that can be relied on to achieve the applications described above.

The Best VPN Services Reviewed


Express VPNNetflix-Australia-Express-VPN comes off as a very balanced offering with its swift network speeds, reasonably diverse server lineup spread over 89 countries, and its detailed support guides for setting it up on different platforms.

Strong 256 bit encrypted OpenVPN tunneling is used for securely and anonymously changing your location online, and the abundance of US servers makes it a very good Netflix VPN solution for Australians tired of watching the paltry Australian Netflix lineup.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN fully supports torrent downloads.

The interface of the app (for each platform) is quite streamlined, and combined with the support available, makes using this VPN a breeze.

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It isn’t the cheapest out there, but it does come with a 30-day money back guarantee for those who are on the fence. It is perhaps the best Australian VPN service around at the moment.


Australia-NordvpnAffordably priced, and with a strong feature set, NordVPN utilizes 2048-bit SSL encryption over the OpenVPN standard to alter your location and protect you from spying. On platforms where OpenVPN doesn’t work, it goes with L2TP/IPSec – which is the next best thing.

This VPN service offers fixed IP addresses for clients who need them – and IPs with protection against Dedicated Denial of Service attacks are also available for more crucial applications. As many as six parallel connections are allowed, which means this is a great option for family use.

The client software has been designed with utility and ease of use in mind, but I do wish some of the more technical aspects were better explained.

Torrent downloads are permitted, and the software has an almost imperceptible effect on the overall network speed on your device.

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We did find the server selection to be a bit lackluster compared to some of the competition: with only 80 spread over 27 countries.


ipvanish-vpn-australiaA complete, thoroughly secure VPN provider which impressed us with its blazing fast Tier 1 network speed, and an enormous server count of 500 sprawled over 60 countries.

IPVanish is geared towards Australians who want a completely private VPN solution for bandwidth intensive applications.

The service uses industry standard L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN tunneling, with complete allowance for torrent downloads – in fact, the Tier 1 network coupled with extensive server selection makes it a strong candidate for the best VPN for torrenting in Australia. Up to two parallel device connections are supported.

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IPVanish comes with a weeklong money back guarantee as well, but no free trial. It may also be a bit pricey for the average internet user.


PureVPN-australiaPureVPN is a dependable, no-nonsense VPN solution that comes with its own utility for helping you select the best server from its extensive list, depending on your particular requirements.

A split tunneling mechanism even lets you choose specifically, the programs which you want to use the VPN with for accessing the internet.

This makes the software uniquely useful for individuals that run apps which require a normal internet connection as well as apps that require a VPN internet connection simultaneously.

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While this service executes several useful ideas, it is held back by its somewhat complicated setup, and the fact that it doesn’t use OpenVPN – this makes it a bit unattractive for those who want the bleeding edge regarding security.

Private Internet Access VPN

With a remarkably open no-logs policy, this is one VPN that will appeal to Australians who are concerned about the meta-data recording legislation enforced by their government a couple of years ago.

It uses both OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec encryption standards – which are also the standard for the industry. Shared IP methods are used to scramble the web traffic of its users to maximize their protection against packet inspection techniques.

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Access to P2P networks (read torrents) is available without any speed restrictions or disconnections, but this VPN does suffer from slight dips in overall connection speed. It is a bit lacking in the support department as well but is quite reliable in its essentials.


Having gone through some of the best VPNs, we could find for use in Australia; you will have realized that there are plenty of options to enjoy Internet freedom today another great option for a mid range VPN is Goldenfrog’s VyprVPN service.

And while there is such a thing as free VPNs, even the best free VPN Australia will not be able to hold a candle to the cheapest VPN service that is paid – a worth free VPN is Cyberghost 5.

If you are short on cash and can’t afford a full-fledged VPN subscription, I’d recommend going with a Smart DNS proxy – it will let you watch geo-restricted broadcasts and access blocked websites without a hitch. Even though it won’t have the security of a VPN service, it will be a far better experience than free VPNs.