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Kodi has gone on to become a crowd favourite for watching many types of media. Now it doesn’t matter if you are away from home, stuck on a late shift or don’t have a TV, Kodi is the answer of catching up with your favourite shows.

It should be noted, that without the use of add-ons. Kodi is nothing more than a media player, although, making use of these third-party add-ons does open up a whole new world of entertainment. That is if you follow the recommendations later on.(Check out our Kodi setup guide here.)

Watch TV Shows on Kodi

Legal Aspects

Although there is nothing illegal if you download Kodi, some of the third-party add-ons might be slightly different.

With or without saying you should or should not use these add-ons, there are risks you might end up with a copyright infringement notice. The chance of this can be reduced which will be explained in a while.

Before going further, there are some TV shows available from add-ons which you can install from the Kodi add-ons repository. This is basically a storage place where all the add-ons which are legally available are stored.

Best Add-ons for Kodi

This list is for add-ons which are the top ones at the moment for watching TV by using Kodi. Some shows might be pre-recorded, but there are plenty of the top Kodi add-ons which stream live TV straight to your device.

While you’re reading this article on the best Kodi add-ons for TV shows, we will assume that you know how to install an add-on.

These add-ons are not listed in any order and are some of the favourites we have used.

1. Exodus

This add-on for Kodi is one of the most popular which you can find. It offers plenty of access to a full library of streaming sources of TV shows and also movies.

Exodus Kodi add-onsOver time Exodus has gone through many changes, and has not been updated for a while so there might be alternatives which offer more.

One advantage it does hold is that it searches for the best quality stream before presenting this to you. It also has one downside which is the streams are on-demand TV and not live streams.

2. Neptune Rising

This was created from a fork of the Covenant add-on and has since gone on to be a great crowd pleaser for its wealth of content.

With 11 categories which cover most types of TV shows in HD and 1080p. It also offers some hand tools where you can add subtitles or make downloads and much more. If you want a personalised Kodi experience, Neptune Rising one add-on which can help you do it.

3. USTVNow Plus

This is one add-on which offers plenty of access to live TV streaming, and it does so in a legal way which makes it a trusted add-on.

USTVNow Plus Kodi-add-onsUSTVNow Plus provides 7 free channels which include ABC, CW, Fox, NBC, My TV, PBS and CBS. Access to all other channels can be acquired by paying their subscription charge, although there is more than enough content, where you don’t need to do this.

4. Bob Unrestricted

This add-on has changed name and is now in its current form called Bob Unleashed. With this change came a major overhaul where live TV options were added.

Compared to some add-ons which focus solely on live TV Bob Unleashed still has plenty to offer.

With plenty of playlists, there is plenty to keep the hungriest TV watcher satisfied on a binge-watching weekend.
While testing, some parts of Bob Unrestricted were still under development, however, this is minimal compared to the plethora of content which you can view in high-quality.

5. Specto

This is yet another add-on which stemmed from a change. Specto Kodi-add-onsInitially, it was Genesis but was taken over, and the code was brought up-to-date.

It is pretty similar to Exodus as both came from the original Genesis code, but Specto as with Exodus it hasn’t benefited from continual and more recent updates.

It does have one nifty feature as it checks for new episodes of your favourite shows, which can save you searching for the latest one.

6. Phoenix

At one time this was a fantastic add-on which provided a full range of content. With Phoenix TV you could browse through various categories covering sport, shows, movies and many more.

Phoenix-Sports was a dedicated plug-in for sports fans, although it changes depending on which are the top sports events of the moment.

At the time of writing, it was found the developers were not going to develop this classy add-on for Kodi any further. Although still available it could be worth checking out until an alternative is found.

7. BBC iPlayer

For world-class TV there is nothing better than the BBC. BBC iPlayer Kodi add-onsUnfortunately, they only allow viewing to UK residents.

This means even with using the BBC iPlayer Kodi add-on you need a UK based IP address. Luckily, this isn’t a problem which will be explained in a second.

The BBC iPlayer is well known for the number of shows it holds. These can be live TV of the latest and greatest detective series to the renowned Great British Bake Off.

No Kodi user would be complete without access to the BBC or any other geo-locked content.

Kodi in Other Regions

As great as Kodi is for showing content from the above add-ons and the many more in circulation. Geo-locked content is still a problem for many channels, second to this there is the threat of your viewing habits being monitored.

The best and the only real solution which allows you to view any content is by using a VPN for Kodi.

Any user is well advised to use Kodi through a VPN service because of how the content is streamed.

Even if all you watch is legal, an ISP might see you are using Kodi and assume your viewing habits are on the grey side of white.

VPN services protect you on all sides as well as making it easy to view the content you want when you want with no restrictions.

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