The 7 Best Kodi Addons That Actually Work!

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Quite a few people know that Kodi is probably the best home theater application you can get for watching TV and movies. All of this content can be streamed from various sources which are found by means of the top Kodi add-ons.

These add-ons on many occasions take material which might slightly infringe on copyright infringement or it is geo-blocked because it comes from other regions and they don’t have distribution rights for Australia.

The third-party add-ons in question do come with a risk because of the way they work, and your ISP will be able to see where you are streaming from and also see if the content is legal. As we are in Australia, this information will be retained for 2 years.

Further to that, there is the potential for hackers to manipulate these add-ons and infect your systems with malware, etc.

How to protect against this will be explained later, but for now. Here are 7 Kodi add-ons which still work after the clampdown which has been going on.

Best Addons for Kodi

Genesis Reborn

Genesis Reborn was the “rebirth of one, and if not the oldest streaming add-on which was available on Kodi. This add-on is now similar to Exodus where it scrapes streaming websites and streams pirated material into Kodi.

Genesis RebornGenesis Reborn does have a few redeeming qualities, and you can keep your nose clean with only legally available content.

For reasons such as copyrights not being renewed, and some public domain content being available. Most of the movies and TV shows listed are pirated, and you need protection if viewing this.


This was also created from a fork from Exodus and Genesis. Like others, the Covenant add-on has become popular and is used as a replacement on occasions for Exodus.

CovenantIt does provide HD versions of movies and shows by default so you know you will have the best viewing experience. It is also updated more frequently, so there is plenty of newer titles for you to choose from.

Neptune Rising

This add-on has recently been updated and includes the following updates

Neptune Rising

  • The library playback – fixed
  • Download from multiple links – fixed
  • Download is now fixed, and a success window should show once complete

The Neptune Rising add-on was created from a fork of Poseidon which in itself was a fork of the old Exodus. It is the second substantial add-on created in the blamo repo and provides access to:

  • Movies & TV Shows
  • Top Movies & Playlists
  • IMDB User Lists & Critters Corner
  • My Movies & My TV Shows
  • Tools & much more

Bob Unleashed

This TV and movie streaming add-on are maintained by a group of developers who post their own sections. Bob Unleashed like many other add-ons do host quite a lot of illegal content, so reading the end of the article on how to protect yourself is advised.

Bob UnleashedThis add-on is home to some great content though, and the development is from a semi-reputable source. It has been well tested and can be classed as one of the best TV add-ons without choosing one which is specially designed for this purpose.

Best Live TV add-on

CCloud (Community Cloud) is an add-on dedicated to streaming live TV and is probably one of best live TV add-ons for Kodi you can download.

CCloudIt contains a server section where you can see which are currently up and running. Favorite channels can also be hard to stream due to numbers of users.

Best Sports Kodi Add-on

NetStreams Sports Hub is probably the best Kodi sports add-on you can download, and it had received a substantial update making it even better.

NetStreams Sports HubNavigation is made more natural, and there is a ton of new sections and channel for any Australian to watch on a Saturday arvo.


If you are a TV and movie buff, then this add-on which pretty much started many clones could easily meet all of your viewing needs. Exodus has for a significant number of years been one of the best-sought add-ons for Kodi.

ExodusWith this add-on, you can expand Kodi in so many ways apart from only viewing movies and TV shows. Just be reminded an ISP can retain user data without consent.

This add-on brings a massive selection of TV shows and movies, and many are from the archives. You can find some current blockbusters and non-English content if you wish.

Protecting My Connection?

We mentioned right at the start some of this content can be geo-blocked or it infringes on copyright. Therefore you need a way of securing your connection to stop your ISP or any government agency coming to knock on your door.

All of the above are worthy of working Kodi add-ons. But, with the clampdowns on material which is copyrighted any user of Kodi movie add-ons needs protection.

If you are new to Kodi, or you already use it and are not aware of data retention implications. You need to understand how high-speed connections, protection, security, unlimited data and the rest can affect your connection

When you use home theater software, and you want it to give the best experience with. ExpressVPN downloaded and installed you can be up and running securely within 15 minutes of clicking download.

Kodi also requires the best VPN for Kodi due to the high amount of data being transmitted. This can choke a connection, and even Kodi apps can start stuttering and buffering which will totally ruin your experience.

With a VPN such as this, you can gain the very best viewing experience in watching the best add-ons for Kodi, and you will also get the highest security and encryption any VPN offers.

Australia isn’t the most relaxed country in the world and does have some tight regulations on copyright and data retention.

All of these should be considered the moment you click on a Kodi download button because once you begin installing any of the top Kodi add-ons, that’s when your connection becomes threatened,

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