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To make the best out of Kodi, users need to install add-ons. The can be from the legal repository although it is the third party add-ons which people look for.

Fusion TV add-ons repositoryOn many occasions, these need to be installed one by one, which can become quite time-consuming.

Fusion TV add-ons repository changed all this by being the home to many add-ons. Last year was taken down for a couple of months but now the greatest has returned under Now users can go back to installing add-ons without any hassle.

It should be highlighted, as many add-ons are third party and unsupported. Australian Kodi users should look for a Kodi VPN which provides the best media experience and the best privacy protection against snoops and data retaining ISP’s.

Protect Yourself and How to Access Foreign Content

Fusion xbmc is the old version of Kodi, and any user should update to make the best use of the new features. With this in mind, it doesn’t matter which version you use of xbmc or Kodi, users can still benefit from using a top-tier VPN service.

It isn’t only the matter of Australian ISP’s retaining user data for 2-years, but also being able to access content which is provided by the many add-ons which will now be available.

The best VPN service for Australian Kodi users is ExpressVPN. It Kodi and ExpressVPVcomes with bank-grade encryption and security and runs on a vast range of devices.

From PCs to Mac’s. Android and iOS to Xboxes, PlayStation and smart TV’s, along with Amazon devices up to smart TV’s and many more.

Routers are also supported by this top of class VPN so you can protect your entire home and also allow all members of the family to use their own Kodi app and make the best use of their chose Fusion TV add-on.

This VPN provider comes top of the list with almost all its features to make a user experience as transparent and easy to use as possible.

Without any set-up after installation, you can be downloading Fusion in Kodi and know you are protected right from the start.

Now you can see how to access geo-locked content from any Kodi add-on and stop your ISP from retaining your online activities. Here is the step by step process of installing the best repo for Kodi.

Installing Fusion on Kodi Step by Step

  1. Navigate to settings (cogwheel) in the top left of the Kodi home screen.
  2. Select the System settings menu.
  3. Navigate to the Add-ons tab from the vertical menu bar.
  4. Select and Clock the Unknown sources field.
  5. Click the YES button to confirm you wish to allow Kodi addons from unofficial sources.
  6. Now Unknown sources is enabled, return to the previous menu to add fusion to Kodi
  7. Select the File manager menu.
  8. Select and click on the Add Source function
  9. Click on the field which displays under the Enter the paths, or browse for the media locations heading.
  10. By using the on-screen keyboard, type and then click the OK button.
  11. Click on the empty bottom input box beneath the Enter a name for this media source heading.
  12. By using the on-screen keyboard, Type Fusion and then select the OK button.
  13. Select and click on the OK button at the bottom of the window.
  14. Now the Fusion source is added, return to the Kodi home screen.
  15. Navigate to the Addons tab on the vertical menu bar.
  16. Select and click on the Add-on Browser (box icon) at the right-hand side of the screen.
  17. Click the Install from zip file function.
  18. Select the Kodi fusion installer source from the listing.
  19. Choose begin-here
  20. Select the
  21. Wait a few moments until the Add-on enabled notification is displayed
  22. Return to the Home Screen and select Add-ons and the Indigo Add-on will be shown in the Program add-on section. From here you can check through all the Kodi TVaddons from the Fusion repository.

Alternatives to Fusion

Although Fusion is back, it has been taken down on one occasion, and it could happen again. Here are a couple of Fusion alternatives to keep an eye on in case this happens.

Dandy Media Alternatives to Fusion

  • KodilRepo – Add-ons like Castaway and ZemTV are available through the Kodil Repo.
  • Dandy Media – It was possible to access cartoon content via Fusion Repository. But lately Super Cartoons Kodi add-on is available in Dandy Media.
  • Simply Caz Repository – This isn’t as popular as other Fusion alternatives although it is an attractive source for several popular Kodi add-ons including Pro Sport.

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