How to Watch 123movies Online in Australia (Privately)

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How often do you watch movies online? And how often do you check with 123Movies? It’s a heaven for those who want to watch online movie streaming for free.

But there is something more there. Apart from movies, the site also offers TV shows and many documentaries for free.

Watch 123movies Online

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Oh, did you find 123Movies not working? Well, 123Movies offers a lot of content for free, even the premium ones like Riverdale, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead among others. And that’s the reason ISPs have blocked the access.

And in this guide, I will help you get 123Movies unblocked.

Is 123Movies legal?

123Movies has an extensive collection of TV shows, popular and also the latest movies released. You will find Spider Man Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Fifty Shades of Grey and Suicide Squad among others.

Everything available at 123Movies is arranged in different categories. Also, the search function works well. Although it has a collection to take pride in, it doesn’t host any of it. It embeds the movies and TV shows from various online sources and presents them on your screen.

123movies Online in AustraliaAnd with so much available without paying a penny, it’s but natural for anyone to get suspicious. Since the site streams paid content for free, it is promoting piracy, and the ISPs have blocked access to it in many countries. But is 123Movies legal or not, does not have a clear answer.

While some consider streaming illegal, others take only downloading as illegal. There are still others who think uploading pirated content, not downloading, is unlawful.

Whatever be the situation, 123Movies stands blocked in Australia, and after several blocks, it now works under a new name – GoMovies. And the working site as of now is

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But, since the site promotes piracy, it’s better to use a private VPN provider while you watch 123Movies (GoMovies). Using a VPN has many benefits, let’s check them out in brief.

Use 123Movies with VPN

The first and foremost benefit of a VPN is that it can unblock 123Movies when it’s blocked and next, comes the privacy. VPNs provide you with a safe and private 123Movies viewing experience and setting up one is easy.

You download the software, install it on your device and connect to one of the VPN servers. ExpressVPN is one of the many VPN service providers with software available for many streaming devices.

123Movies with VPNAnd it’s easy to install and use ExpressVPN. When you connect to an ExpressVPN server, it hides your IP address, the one provided by your ISP.

Instead, it gives you a new address, the address assigned to the server. So, whatever you watch on 123Movies it won’t link to you. Moreover, ExpressVPN doesn’t keep connection logs. Thus, officials can’t force it to reveal the details.

And then VPNs encrypt your connection, thus privacy. The encryption system of ExpressVPN is one of the strongest, and it will hide any data transfer between you and the VPN server.

Since a VPN server redirects all the data through its server, the only thing your ISP sees is data getting transferred between you and the VPN server and nothing else.

Check our Express VPN review to know about its features in detail. It also provides excellent streaming speed for your video content to play without any problem.

How safe is 123Movies?

Although VPN keeps you safe from the eyes of lawmakers, is the content available on 123Movies safe? 123Movies doesn’t own any of the content available on its site, so you can’t be sure of the presence of malicious elements.

Some of the security problems associated with 123Movies or GoMovies are –

  • Malware – The third-party streaming services are maybe, hosting malware and sending it to your device while you are trying to stream.
  • Popups – Pop-up ads are one of the sources of finance for free websites. Although not always harmful they can be irritating. They take you to unintended sites and also use up a part of your system resources if they are in large number.
  • Redirections – If you got past the popups, next thing to be aware of is the redirected links. When you click on a link, they most of the times take you to third-party web pages instead of opening the video. They, at times, ask you to download some software which can be unsafe.

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Those were some of the security issues you can face while streaming with 123Movies. But now that you know about them, I am sure you can prevent them from creating havoc.

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